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  • Jenni Ward | Ceramic Sculpture If these hands could talk… - Twice a week for the past five years these very hands have held my life. They belong to Jenni Ward, my climbing partner, friend and one of the most interesting people I know. Jenni has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, co-founded a non-profit to bring art to children in Haiti, scuba dives, backpacks, is a dog-lover, go-getter and business owner, camps on the beach, takes regular hikes on the trails by her home, has chickens, teaches art, jumps at every opportunity to
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  • Free Knit and Sew Baby Dress Pattern | I'll Knit You Up I Love You Sew Free Pattern: I’ll Knit You Up I Love You Sew - What’s an auntie to do when she has an adorable niece? Knit her up something special, of course! This is a pattern I designed for a class I taught several years ago. Before today, I haven’t made it available online. I did some tweaking and changed the skirt from a gathered skirt to a circle skirt. That flounce and those chubby little thighs…too sweet! The bodice is knit from the top down in one piece. The sleeves and trim are
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  • 4 Quick Steps to a Cleaner Home 4 Quick Steps to a Cleaner Home - Of all the little things in life, one of my favorites is a clean house. Unfortunately, that means I need to clean in order to keep it that way. When I was younger this meant spending hours on the weekend sweeping, mopping and scrubbing. As I got older I decided to take back my weekends, and I would clean only when things looked dirty. The trouble with that was when the sinks needed scrubbing, I was usually stuck working late
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  • How I achieve my goals by not working How I achieve my goals by not working - I’ve been dating my boyfriend long distance for over two years. This December his eighteen day visit had me working the bare minimum (customer service and shipping orders) during the busiest season of my business. When he booked his flights months prior he told me he didn’t want his presence to prevent me from working and would help me ship orders (yes, he shipped yours). But what good were those 11 months of work prior if I don’t get to
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