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  • 0158-fea Take Your Wardrobe for a Spin Around the Color Wheel - Do you have certain items in your closet that you always wear together and only together? I recently had a mishap with an iron that was too hot and a blouse I only wore with one skirt. When it happened, I thought, “just great, I’ve ruined the blouse and now I can’t wear the skirt.” This is pretty common for me (the styling habits that is, thankfully, not the poor iron judgment). I have necklaces that I always wear with
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  • autumn-trends-fea Planning your Autumn Knits - Too soon? Yes, it is still summer. Even though the thought of yarn passing through my fingers and a pile of wool on my lap while it’s 90 degrees outside doesn’t appeal to me right now, I’m already thinking about my knits for autumn. This is a big autumn/winter season for me. After 31 years of living in California, this is the first year I will actually NEED knitwear. This May I moved to Michigan. I’m enjoying the summer’s warm
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  • How to Reduce Your Obligations 4 Ways to Reduce Obligations & Free Up Time - A while ago I felt overwhelmed as I looked at everything on my to-do list. I needed to plan for a writing group, the refrigerator was empty, my house was a disaster and I had a party to host that weekend. And that was just what I felt I had to do. There were plenty of other commitments I’d made that I somehow hoped to fit in the mix as well. I’m pretty sure my story isn’t an unfamiliar one
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  • start-business-fea 5 Qualities Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Hone - I’d always wanted to be a freelancer, but I had to wait years while I got my finances straight. I realized later I could have been doing a ton to get ready for my business while my cash settled. Because it takes more than just money to run a business. If you’re like the many folks who are still saving your money, there’s still plenty you can be doing now to make your business thrive. Here are five skills I’d
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