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  • Easy Healthy Creamsicle Recipe Easy, Healthy Creamsicles for the Kid in You - Happy National Creamsicle Day! You didn’t even know it was a thing, but indeed, it is and it’s today. Nothing makes me feel more like a kid than eating a popsicle on a hot day. This weekend I watched my niece eat experience her first creamsicle. Uncertain about it all and not liking the sticky dripping on her legs, most landed on the ground. But that’s the fun, right? Sticky fingers, lips painted orange and drips on your sandals. So
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  • How to wear a dress as a blouse Find new looks in your closet you didn’t know you had - I love a good life hack. You know, those really useful, simple tricks that make you ask yourself, “why didn’t I think of that.” Just type “life hacks” into Pinterest and you’ll find a wealth of tips. Some are questionable, but others are quite brilliant, like filling an ice bucket for a party with frozen water balloons. Drinks don’t end up wet and guests don’t have to dunk their hands in ice water. Genius. How about a life hack for
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  • Decorate with Plants The Easiest Home Decorating Trick for Bringing Life into a Home - When I moved into my new home in Germany, it took some time to get our stuff here. There is something so wonderful about having familiar things when you’re in a foreign land. It gave me a new appreciation for things. After the last picture was hung, it became clear that something wasn’t right. Our house seemed unfinished somehow. Then it dawned on me that we’d had to leave all our houseplants with friends, because even if they could somehow
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  • mom-5-fea In Loving Memory of My Mom - Two days ago my mom, Noni, passed away. Sixteen months ago she was diagnosed with stage 4 liver and colon cancer. Much can be said about my mom and her life. I could easily fill a book about the incredible, loving and inspiring woman that she was. Those words all have their time and place, but in this place I want to share with you her influence on me in building this business. My mom was never someone who sat
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