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  • 0158-fea Take Your Wardrobe for a Spin Around the Color Wheel - Do you have certain items in your closet that you always wear together and only together? I recently had a mishap with an iron that was too hot and a blouse I only wore with one skirt. When it happened, I thought, “just great, I’ve ruined the blouse and now I can’t wear the skirt.” This is pretty common for me (the styling habits that is, thankfully, not the poor iron judgment). I have necklaces that I always wear with
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  • Why Your Handmade Garments Look Handmade Why Your Handmade Garment Looks Handmade and What To Do About It - Which comment would you prefer to hear regarding a garment you made: Said in a patronizing tone, “Aw, that’s so sweet. Did you make that yourself?” Or said with sincerity, “Cute sweater! What?! You made it? Will you make me one?” While you may not want to start taking orders for your handmade items, I’m going to guess you’d prefer the latter comment. From start to finish, here are three ways you may be misstepping and what to do about
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  • How to Reduce Your Obligations 4 Ways to Reduce Obligations & Free Up Time - A while ago I felt overwhelmed as I looked at everything on my to-do list. I needed to plan for a writing group, the refrigerator was empty, my house was a disaster and I had a party to host that weekend. And that was just what I felt I had to do. There were plenty of other commitments I’d made that I somehow hoped to fit in the mix as well. I’m pretty sure my story isn’t an unfamiliar one
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  • Jenni Ward | Ceramic Sculpture If these hands could talk… - Twice a week for the past five years these very hands have held my life. They belong to Jenni Ward, my climbing partner, friend and one of the most interesting people I know. Jenni has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, co-founded a non-profit to bring art to children in Haiti, scuba dives, backpacks, is a dog-lover, go-getter and business owner, camps on the beach, takes regular hikes on the trails by her home, has chickens, teaches art, jumps at every opportunity to
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