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  • Knit shoe clip Tutorial: Knit Bows for Party Shoes - I truly think adding something handmade to a wedding makes it extra special.  In my last post, I designed a crocheted collar necklace that was easy enough to make for the whole wedding party.  This time, I designed knit bows to embellish the shoes of those special ladies in the wedding.  Similar to the collar, I chose a beautiful hand-dyed silk yarn and a sparkly rhinestone button to create these knit bows that can be attached with shoes clips.  You
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  • Tambour embroidery 6 Fabulous Facts about the Beautiful Art of Tambour Embroidery - Because knitting and crochet is my job, when I want to take up a new hobby, I’m always looking for something that relates back to the two.  Recently I’ve been fascinated with tambour embroidery.  Tambour embroidery is a technique used to create a chain stitch (or a slip stitch) on the surface of fabric.  Tambour uses a device similar to a very fine crochet hook.  It’s one of the reasons I stumbled into the technique – as I have many
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  • Handknit wedding gown How Alex Capshaw-Taylor Knit Her Wedding Gown - I have a little bit of a colleague-crush on Alex Capshaw-Taylor.  Creator of Bryn Mawr, Eva’s Blouse, Manicouagan Pullover, and Pluie, when I realized that she was the same person behind several of my current favorite designs, I knew I had to talk to her.  She granted me the pleasure of an interview back in January, but it’s only now that I’ve been able to write the interview up. We spoke on a variety of subjects, but one of the
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