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  • Free Knit and Sew Baby Dress Pattern | I'll Knit You Up I Love You Sew Free Pattern: I’ll Knit You Up I Love You Sew - What’s an auntie to do when she has an adorable niece? Knit her up something special, of course! This is a pattern I designed for a class I taught several years ago. Before today, I haven’t made it available online. I did some tweaking and changed the skirt from a gathered skirt to a circle skirt. That flounce and those chubby little thighs…too sweet! The bodice is knit from the top down in one piece. The sleeves and trim are
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  • Great outfits start with exactly this Great Outfits Start with Exactly This - Discovering Maddie Flanigan’s blog was like uncovering a gem in miles of sand. Her writing is engaging, her images, beautiful, and her topics, truly helpful. She’s found her calling as a professional blogger, photographer, patternmaker, seamstress and teacher. She got her start as a technical designer for Urban Outfitters, moved over to intimates and knits for Anthropologie (you know those beautiful sweaters we all love) and today is the internal blogger for the company. With such an impressive resume, I
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  • 5 Steps to Spending Time on Yourself 5 Steps to Spending Time on Yourself - Spending time doing exactly what you want is seen as something of a luxury these days. But if you want to excel at stress management (which I think should be taught in college), time for yourself is nothing short of a necessity. The world we live in is constantly demanding our attention and time. As a natural resource, time is one of the few that money can’t buy. We all have the same amount. How we spend it determines how
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  • Behind the Scenes of the Jordana Paige Photo Shoot Creating the Jordana Paige Woman - You may have noticed some things changing around here in recent months. What clued you in? Maybe the absence of my sister, the blonde model with the sunny smile who has been the face of Jordana Paige for over eleven years. Yeah, I miss seeing her face, too (well actually, I still get to see her a couples times a month). But it was time for a change. Each year I look at the places I can improve my business
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