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  • Pattern Mixing The How-To’s of Pattern Mixing - To some of us, the thought of mixing prints can be scary. You want to look chic and effortless and not like you got dressed in the dark. Pattern mixing is a hot trend this Fall and we can help you feel comfortable in giving this a try. We styled 3 looks on various levels of the pattern mixing trend and provided some tips to get you mixing with confidence! Patterned accessories, like shoes, belts and scarves are an easy
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  • autumn-trends-fea Planning your Autumn Knits - Too soon? Yes, it is still summer. Even though the thought of yarn passing through my fingers and a pile of wool on my lap while it’s 90 degrees outside doesn’t appeal to me right now, I’m already thinking about my knits for autumn. This is a big autumn/winter season for me. After 31 years of living in California, this is the first year I will actually NEED knitwear. This May I moved to Michigan. I’m enjoying the summer’s warm
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  • bus-tips-fea 4 Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs Working Full Time - One of my favorite things to do is create vision boards – it’s like permission to daydream. And while that’s a great way to find out what your heart wants, a lot of us need something more solid, a plan to get to our dreams. After all, that house in the French Mediterranean probably won’t buy itself, right? When I decided to branch out as a freelancer, there were so many things to do before I even got down to
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  • ann-2fea Inspiration Spotlight: Ann Leggett of Plus - If you would’ve told Ann Leggett ten years ago that she’d be the co-creator of a natural skin-care line — one that was stocked up and down both coasts of the U.S., she would’ve laughed at you. “Never in a million years did I ever think I’d be in the natural skin-care business. Never. And sometimes, at the end of a crazy week, I’ll think, How did I do that? How did that work out?” But Ann is one of
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