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  • Free Knit and Sew Baby Dress Pattern | I'll Knit You Up I Love You Sew Free Pattern: I’ll Knit You Up I Love You Sew - What’s an auntie to do when she has an adorable niece? Knit her up something special, of course! This is a pattern I designed for a class I taught several years ago. Before today, I haven’t made it available online. I did some tweaking and changed the skirt from a gathered skirt to a circle skirt. That flounce and those chubby little thighs…too sweet! The bodice is knit from the top down in one piece. The sleeves and trim are
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  • How to style a pencil skirt How to Style a Pencil Skirt This Fall - I always find myself double-tapping Jennifer Woolsey’s fashion photos over on Instagram. She’s a personal stylist for real people with real lives and real budgets. The gal knows how to create a pulled together look, so I’ve invited her to share with you how to style a fall favorite, the pencil skirt. Most working women own a pencil skirt as part of their “business casual” wardrobe, but a pencil skirt actually has more life than just that of a boardroom
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  • Creating a morning ritual in 5 steps Create a Morning That’s Right for You - The other day I was talking with a friend about how I try to drink a glass of water every morning right after I wake up. “It’s kind of a ritual for me,” I said jokingly. She teased me back: “You’ve got a lot of those, don’t you?” And she’s right. I’m a morning ritual kind of gal. I love waking up and having a pattern to follow, something to get my day started. But I wasn’t always like that.
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  • Fashion bloggers wanted Guest Blog for Jordana Paige - Hey there my style-saavy, DIY lovin’ friend. Do I ever have a fun opportunity for you! We’re looking for guest bloggers to share their area of expertise. We’re specifically looking for posts about fashion, styling, DIY projects (garments that are knit, crochet and sewn, and craft projects for the home) and tips for creating a more organized life at work and home. It’s your opportunity to promote what you do to a new audience. For examples of what we’re looking
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