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A Bit of a Mishap

puppy in jp knitters satchel (Marilyn’s Olivia above) Over the years I’ve received emails and letters from customers sharing photos with me of their furry friends snuggling in their Jordana Paige bag. I’ve even seen a photo a baby laying in the satchel! Wish I could find that picture, it was on Ravelry. Anyway, I recently read a comment on Ravelry by Annie who said her cat peed on the outside of her satchel. What a disaster!! Fortunately, she was able to successfully remove the smell. Here’s what she said:
What is it with kooky cats and fancy knitting bags? My logic was that a bag full of tinkle is a ruined bag so why not wash it out and take a chance because I had nothing to lose by then. My cheapness overcame my squeamishness. I did not find it when it was still wet, either. I was carrying my bag with me one day and was thinking “wow, everywhere I go smells like cat pee….wait, i have three cats! OH NO!” So it really had a chance to soak in there. Ew. I just took it to the kitchen sink and washed it with warm water and some enzyme pet mess cleaner in a spray bottle, I used an old toothbrush on the stitching areas and crevices to get them really good and then let it dry in the sunshine. Then I febrezed it a lot and let it sit in the sun some more. Letting it dry a really long time seemed important to me so that any of the structural bits inside would not bend while wet and get floppy, so I let it dry even longer than I thought it needed. I can’t smell any more cat smell in the bag now, even when it has been stored closed up for a while. My bag doesn’t stink, but I do seem to recall that the lining did waterspot a bit from the febreeze. I fixed that by spraying the whole thing evenly and it camouflaged the waterspotting. And I don’t think the innards of the bag were too damaged by washing it, obviously it’s not ideal, though. If more of it had been inside the bag I might not have been able to save it. I never leave my bag unattended on the floor or table at home now, though. I always hang it over a doorknob if I’m not using it so the cats don’t have a chance to finish the job. When I shared my tale of horror and outrage with my knitting group, one of them said if I could stick it in the freezer for several days that would get the smell out, too. I never had to go to that last step because the smell was out, but that is one more avenue someone could try. I have also read that theatre costume people use vodka to keep the costumes fresh, so if someone is allergic to the scent of febreze then pure vodka would be what I would try, and then letting it dry in the sunshine. Sunshine is a large component of my funk-fighting repertoire.
Thanks for the tips Annie! kitty in rio (Elizabeth’s Bailey )


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