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Yarn Art Appreciation 101

One of the best parts of working within our crafty niche of yarn mixed with fashion is perusing the different types of art out there. From crochet playgrounds to yarn graffitti, there’s pretty much something for everyone. That’s a big part of what Crochet Concupiscence is all about: appreciating the art in crochet fashion. It’s also about telling great stories and recently, reviewing our Rio! rio crochet bag review Kathryn wrote about how many people ask her about how to carry crochet WIPs.
One of the options that I think a lot of women are seeking is a really stylish bag that is large enough to carry their everyday stuff along with their current WIPs. I think that the stylish bags from Jordana Paige may be the answer.
Thanks so much Kathryn! You can read the whole review here and check out a great story about a stolen crochet tablecloth finding its way home years(!) later as well some beautifully photographed crochet fashion. What’s your favorite type of yarn art? Let us know in the comments!


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