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Beautiful Creations

With summer winding down and fall right around the corner I have officially begun to make the transition into the cooler months. I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely in love with this time of year. Something about the fall makes me want to hunker down with a good book, hot tea, and chocolate.


Kristen wearing her completed Landon pattern, looking beautiful.

I find it very exciting to bring out the pumpkin scented candles, boots, and chunky-knit sweaters. While some are simply pulling sweaters from our tucked-away winter wardrobes, others are making them! That happens to be the case with Kristen, from MMM…Yarn blog. She recently completed the Jordana Paige, Landon pattern and it turned out beautifully!

While I have just recently started on my knitting journey I have always had a strong admiration for those, such as Kristen, who find the time to create these amazing pieces and still manage to get the chores done.


Sleeve detail, Landon pattern.

Kristen really is my kind of gal, taking the initiative and making a few adjustments to the pattern to better suit her personality and lifestyle. Creating any kind of  project is about just that, making it your own. For me, that can be the most fun part of the process.

I recently purchased flat chunks of Redwood tree from the flea market for one buck each and am currently in the midst of trying to figure out what I should do with these babies. The possibilities are seemingly endless but deciding where to begin is the tough part. One thing is for certain, they will surely be unique.

Do you have any beautiful creations planned for the coming months to keep you occupied on those cool fall nights?


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