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I’ll See You Soon at Stitches West!

postcard_65-01Stitches West is just two days away. Who’s excited?! I am! Aside from the obvious reasons, I’m excited for two big reasons. First, I can’t wait for you to see Cezanne in person. I know the second you see it, touch it and throw it over your shoulder, you’re going to love it. Cezanne is no ordinary bag. That brings me to my second reason. Since Cezanne is so very special, I thought it needed a new booth to be displayed in. Just as my dad built me my very first display stands 10 years ago, he’s now built me an amazing booth with walls (I’ve always wanted a booth with walls). My mom and I have been painting away and it looks fabulous. So, be sure to stop by our usual spot at Stitches West, booth 729 to see Cezanne for yourself. We’ll be there Thursday night for the market preview, Friday and Sunday. The booth will be closed on Saturday, but you’re welcome to pop by to swoon over the new bag. Planning on going? You’re going to want this: $3.00 Off Stitches West Entrance Coupon Wonderful Erin has put together a map of the market floor with the names of all the exhibitors. Trust me, you want this too. The map in the show book requires flipping back and forth to match names and numbers on the map. This is much easier to use. Get the print version here, or the continuous version for your phone here. Rest up, do some stretches and wear your walking shoes. I’ll see you soon!


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