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Free Gift Tag Printable

Free Gift Tag Printable

My mom has always taught me that the most important element of a successful dinner party is a fabulous dessert. The meal can be a flop, but people always remember the last thing they eat. Second only to a good dessert is a beautiful presentation. A basic meal can look amazing, simply by being presented well. Conversely, poor presentation can make a delicious meal look inedible. I think this motherly wisdom can be applied to even more than just a meal, like gift-giving. Without a doubt, handmade gifts deserve proper presentation.

Did you manage to finish the project you were making for your mom for Mother’s Day? I hope so! Unfortunately I can’t help you finish if you didn’t, but I can help you with the presentation part. I’ve designed four lovely gift tags with garment specs on the back for you to use. You can print them on cardstock and hand cut, or print on Avery Printable Tags 22802. Attach one to the garment with ribbon or leftover yarn and another to the outside of the packaging. It’ll be the cherry on top!

Download the free gift tag printable here.


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  1. Sue /

    March 22, 2014 at 7:01 am

    Very nice! Thanks for the free gift tags : )

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