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About Rebecca

I write Jordana Paige's blog and help her with marketing and social media. I also tempt her with baked goods at least once a week.
5 Steps to Spending Time on Yourself

Spending time doing exactly what you want is seen as something of a luxury these days. But if you want to excel at stress management (which I think should be taught in college), time for yourself is nothing short of a necessity. The world we live in is constantly demanding our attention and time. As a natural resource, time is one of the few that money can’t buy. We all have the same amount. How we spend it determines how
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4 Steps to Creating A Good Habit

I belong to a 30-Day Challenge group, and something we’ve noticed is that it is far easier to take something out of lives than it is to add it. Many of us have been successful eliminating caffeine, refusing to eat out or stopping drinking alcohol. However, there have many challenges left unmet, like walking 20 minutes every day, trying to eat something fresh in every meal or even knitting for 15 minutes a day (that was mine). Creating a good
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Create a Morning That’s Right for You

The other day I was talking with a friend about how I try to drink a glass of water every morning right after I wake up. “It’s kind of a ritual for me,” I said jokingly. She teased me back: “You’ve got a lot of those, don’t you?” And she’s right. I’m a morning ritual kind of gal. I love waking up and having a pattern to follow, something to get my day started. But I wasn’t always like that.
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Meal Planning: Four Steps to Saving Money by Cooking At Home

A few years ago my husband and I were thinking of buying a house. Because we lived in one of the most expensive parts of the country, we realized we were going to have to tighten our belts a bit if we wanted to buy what we were really after. Going through our budget, the most obvious cut we could make was to our dining-out expenses. And although we thought it would increase our grocery budget a bit, it turned
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The Easiest Home Decorating Trick for Bringing Life into a Home

When I moved into my new home in Germany, it took some time to get our stuff here. There is something so wonderful about having familiar things when you’re in a foreign land. It gave me a new appreciation for things. After the last picture was hung, it became clear that something wasn’t right. Our house seemed unfinished somehow. Then it dawned on me that we’d had to leave all our houseplants with friends, because even if they could somehow
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5 Ways to Stay on Task & Get More Done Now

A few years ago I went from working in an office to working out of my home. While this is great for days when I don’t want to shower, it can often be a test of my ability to get things done. Sure there were distractions at the office: coworkers to gossip with, donuts or dip to be shared and the occasional drop-by from the boss that turns into a full-on meeting, but nothing prepared me for a day at
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