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About Rebecca

I write Jordana Paige's blog and help her with marketing and social media. I also tempt her with baked goods at least once a week.
Glass: An unorthodox knit

I remember when I first got into knitting, I thought everything was so unusual. “A knitted watch band!?!” I would exclaim to Jordana as I was paging through the latest magazines she’d brought into the office. Jordana assured me that many things could be knit and after awhile, it wouldn’t seem so strange. It wasn’t until she brought up writing about non-traditional forms of knitting did I realize how correct she was. As I perused the Internet for folks that
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Getting crafty down South: New Orleans

June 21 marked the official beginning of summer time and that means it’s time to travel! I don’t know about you, but even though I love to travel any time of the year, there’s something special about doing it in the summer. Maybe it’s because as a grown up, you feel like you still get that little summer vacation. Or maybe it’s just because it’s nice out. Nothing screams “ROAD TRIP!” like a gorgeous sunny day. In the spirit of
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Overcoming WWKIP anxiety

When Jordana first told us about her anniversary celebration, I was super excited. What fun to write about goals we’d accomplished or fears we’d overcome! It seems like I’d had plenty of those in my knitting career so far. Heck, everything seemed to be an accomplished goal, right? But I saw something else looming on the calendar for June: World Wide Knit in Public Day. I had planned on writing about that as well. It was then that I realized what
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A frog goes “Rip It”

There are some people who can handle having things laying around unfinished, but I don’t think I’m one of them. Until very recently I would slog through a 300-page book I didn’t like. Realizing I could put it down was a revelation, but actually putting it down? That my friends, takes skill. Do you remember when you learned about frogging? I’m not just talking about ripping back a few rows (or 50) to fix a mistake, which is never fun but worth
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The Biggest Mother’s Day Card Ever!

We all know that handmade gifts are some of the most special things we can give and receive, regardless of who they’re from. But many of us have experienced a time when the gifts they gave weren’t received with such honor and grace. So how do we ensure that our children grow up understanding the power and beauty of handmade gifts? Teach them how to make and give them, that’s how! Looking around the Internets, there are plenty of fun Mother’s
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(Mom) Bloggers Get Real: Four Short Interviews

Children are pretty rad I think, don’t you? But if you think about it, they wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for the awesome women who carry them around, bring them into this world and mother them. So when ever I meet an amazing child (and there are a lot of them out there!), I’m always in awe of the mother. Parenting is a very personal thing, and everyone has their own style. And it seems that more than one
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