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On a January afternoon fourteen years ago I sat on the couch in my mom’s office reading Vogue Knitting. There was an article about the rise in popularity of knitting, especially among young women. As an eighteen-year-old college freshman, I was the statistic.

Weeks prior my mom and I had been looking for a stylish bag to carry our knitting in—one that looked nice sitting next to the couch and equally nice on our shoulders. As my mom described, it needed to not be a “black hole bag,” but have pockets for staying organized.

This search for the perfect knitting bag collided with the words I read in Vogue Knitting. If I was looking for a bag, certainly there were other knitters looking as well. My mind raced and I instantly started dreaming up every detail of what was to come—the design, what I’d call the company, how I’d market the bags and who my customers would be. Days later when my thoughts were clear and I knew I could answer questions, I pitched the idea to my parents and asked for their support.

Their support washed over me and my journey into life as a small business owner began.

For fourteen years I’ve lived and breathed Jordana Paige. Today I write to announce its end.

It’s impossible to sum up those fourteen years here. I am grateful the business has financially supported me every year. Mostly I’m grateful for the opportunities, growth, knowledge and friendships that running the business has created.

A few weeks ago I moved my remaining inventory from my warehouse into my dad’s garage. At the time, I hadn’t decided if I would continue running the business. I recently moved from California to Michigan and decided to sell off all inventory rather than moving it across the country. This left me at a fork in the road–do I continue the business or pursue something new.

Prior to moving out of my warehouse I anticipated that packing everything up would tug at my emotions and I’d want to keep the business going.

As I packed I came across my first handbag sketches, clippings from magazines my bags had been featured in, fabric swatches, old tradeshow displays, catalogs, books I was published in and knitwear samples I had designed.

As I sat with it all before me, I realized Jordana Paige was complete. I did it.

I had an idea, I developed it into a product, made it a better product with each new design, built a business around it and overcame every challenge in the process.

In that moment, I knew I could walk away without regrets, only complete satisfaction that I had succeeded.

This success would not have happened without you, my customer, my friend.

You’ve followed me for so long, supported me not only through your purchases, but also through your encouraging words, praises and excitement for my products. You purchased my defective bags and together we raised over $28,000 for causes that are near to my heart. It still overwhelms me.

You have touched my life. When my mom passed away you wrote personal notes to me sharing memories of meeting her at Stitches. When I became engaged and married last year you joined in the celebration. You have been with me on every step of this journey.

Thank you.

What happens next?

Jordana Paige will officially close when all remaining inventory is sold. I anticipate being sold out by this summer. If there are bags you’ve been waiting to purchase, I don’t recommend waiting any longer.

What’s my next chapter?

It’s new, it completely scares me and I couldn’t be more certain that it’s exactly what I should be doing. Yes, it’s a new business.

I’ll be making the announcement of what that new business is in the months to come. If you’d like to receive the announcement, please subscribe to my new mailing list here.

If you’re a small business owner, dream of one day owning your own business or gain inspiration and motivation by learning about small businesses, you’re going to want to be on the list.

If you simply want to keep following me, I hope you will subscribe as well. Yours is the support I would love to have as I write this new chapter.