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About Jordana, handbag designer

I have a confession to make. Most days I put on jeans, a simple top and the same pair of shoes I’ve been wearing all season (despite having a closet full of options). Probably not what you’d expect to hear from a woman who owns a handbag company, designs the bags herself and gets paid to write about fashion.

About Jordana, handbag designer

Don’t get me wrong. I love putting thought into my outfit and getting dressed up. Buying a new pair of shoes thrills me. Reality is though, I’m not going to be strutting down a runway today, or any day. I’m going to work. At my warehouse. By myself. That $30 manicure isn’t going to survive the rock climbing I did in the morning or the boxes I packed in the afternoon (but I do adore having red nails).

This is my average day. You may work in a corporate career where jeans are a no-no, no matter how dark the wash is, be a mom who doesn’t have time to put more than 5 seconds of thought into her daily outfit or maybe you dress in the hopes your picture will be snapped by the Sartorialist as you walk down the street. Whomever you are, I’m delighted you’re here because there’s three things I’m certain of:

1. Our clothing has the ability to give us confidence, credibility, put us in a good mood, and is an outlet for creative expression.

2. Dressing to achieve each of these states doesn’t require having a huge income, four hours for getting dressed each morning or keeping current on every new trend.

3. Even a simple top and a pair of jeans can give us these desired states when they’re purchased thoughtfully and fit right in both size and personal style.

And that’s why this blog is here. To help you dress with confidence, express your style and take on the world with a bounce in your step.

About Jordana, handbag designer

A couple more things you should know.

1. If you haven’t noticed yet by all the pockets I put in my handbags, I’m crazy about organization. To-do lists, filling in my calendar, tidying my home, making goals for the future and creating good habits to stay organized all put me in a calm, stress-free state.

2. I’m passionate about business. In fact, that’s what I went to school for, not fashion as you may think. I’m an entrepreneur that started her business at 18-years old. Watching someone take a risk to go after her passion excites me. You’ll find me right behind her cheering, “you can do this.”

So that’s what you can expect here. Fashion tips, free projects, posts to help you organize the chaos of life and a behind-the-scenes look at running a handbag business all in the hopes of inspiring you to walk bold.

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Photos by Kaely C Photography (just one of those gals I love encouraging to go after her goals).