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The Weekend

jordana and mom knitting
This weekend I drove up to Lake Tahoe with my family. We didn’t do much of anything, which meant plenty of relaxing and knitting. I ran out of yarn for the sweater I’m designing. I was actually happy about this. It let me put down my work and knit for fun.

I made lots of progress on Annie, which I’m making for my mom. My mom got started on Emmery and made huge progress. She tends to knit in bursts, so she likes simple patterns that you can set down, pick up weeks later and get right back to it without any confusion. Emmery is exactly that type of pattern. It’s actually my easiest design–very basic, minimal shaping, worked in St st and top-down so you can try it on as you go. If you’ve never made a sweater before, this would be an ideal pattern to welcome you into the world of knitting garments.

jordana and mom
We’re warming ourselves in the sun at Squaw Valley. We’re smiling because this is our view.

lake tahoe beautiful view
This is where I did the photo shoot for Emmery last fall. Same location, but such a different palette of colors.