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Update your Next Pullover with a Hip Hemline – Part II

I am back again to discuss some great hemline options for your latest pullover sweater.  You might recall that last week, I highlighted a few different types of hips hems that I had spotted this fall in the stores.  I noticed quite a few of the ready-wear sweaters with hemlines that curved in the front, slanted from side to side or had uneven hems or unfinished side seams at the bottom edge.  I have finished designing a sweater for myself
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The Low-Down of Plies: What to know when choosing yarn

After writing my last blog post about yarn weights, I went to Jordana and let her know I had more to say!  There’s a lot of different factors when choosing a yarn for a project, and while weight is important, there’s another factor that has a great influence on yarn.  Plies. Plies, like yarn weights, can sometimes be a difficult term to define.  In the UK and some older patterns, plies were a term that was used to refer to
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Rio featured in Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2013

I’ve seen it on Ravelry, and read Facebook posts and tweets about it, time and time again – What are the travel essentials for knitting? What bag should I use at my carry on? Well look no further than the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of Vogue Knitting. The answer is right there, plain as day, in color. The Rio is the bag you should use as your carry-on. With all of its pockets, compartments, and circlets to knit on the go,
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A frog goes “Rip It”

There are some people who can handle having things laying around unfinished, but I don’t think I’m one of them. Until very recently I would slog through a 300-page book I didn’t like. Realizing I could put it down was a revelation, but actually putting it down? That my friends, takes skill. Do you remember when you learned about frogging? I’m not just talking about ripping back a few rows (or 50) to fix a mistake, which is never fun but worth
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Getting a word in Knit Edge-wise

Or 57 words. To be exact. And a picture. Boo-yah!  Cézanne is featured in the January 2013 issue of Knit Edge – out now! Want to know what’s new? Just reference the awesome digital magazine that is Knit Edge because they obviously know what’s up. Here’s what they are predicting about our latest release: Cézanne is sure to be a hit. Enough said. Have you scooped up the latest issue of Knit Edge? You will if you know what’s good
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DIY Wrap Name Frame

Lately, it seems as if everyone is having a baby…and I love it! They really are such a blessing and what better reason to celebrate than celebrating the life of a new baby. For this installment of  the March Craftness series we’ve created the perfect DIY baby gift. This craft is great because it’s inexpensive, personalized, and won’t take you more than 2 hours – tops, depending on how quickly you craft – but who’s rushing here? Not me. Regardless
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