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What’s in Stephanie Japel’s Jordana Paige bag?

I once carried a large clear plastic purse (don’t ask) and a friend commented that everyone could see what was in my bag and I replied with “I have nothing to hide” and guess what? Neither does Stefanie Japel. A while back we started a What’s In Your Bag? series on the blog and today we have the next installment featuring the amazing knitwear designer, Stefanie Japel. Over here at Jordana Paige, we are HUGE fans of Stefanie’s and any
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Say hi to Christine, our newest Knitter Profile

Knitting in public is something that, for most knitters, isn’t relegated to the month of June. We’ll knit at the dentist office, on the subway or really anywhere we’re standing still (or kinda still). In our latest Knitter Profile, Christine tells us about one place she knits that threw us a little, but it seems like a good idea. Read on to learn more about Christine and find out a great place to catch up on some knitting. JP: Hope
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L.J. Kaelms: Geek Chic

Nerding out: It’s become much more acceptable these days, what with the constant stream of big budget comic book blockbusters and computers in everyone’s pockets. Thank goodness, because nerds and all things nerdy are awesome. Case in point, Kathy over at Knit Nerd Podcast. Have you checked her out yet? She knits, crochets, spins and nerds out, pointing us to great comics and being part of the Guiness Book of World Records. Oh, and she picked up our L.J. Kaelms and reviewed
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A Jet Setting Review

When looking for a good mechanic or plumber, most people end up asking their friends who’ve had some experience with a good one. Generally, we want to hear from “real people” about what they liked or didn’t like about something we’re thinking about spending our hard-earned cash on. That’s why we love to hear from the bloggers out there in the world about what they think about our Jordana Paige bags. And Leslie and Laura over at The Knit Girllls vlogged
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What’s in your bag?

What is it about peaking inside someone else’s purse? It’s kinda like peaking in someone’s home: you want to see how they use their space, whether for inspiration, to ooo and ahhh or just to satisfy your curiosity. Jordana did a post awhile ago about what was in her purse, and we thought we’d show a few more. We started with Donna Druchnas and her L.J. Kaelms. We were thrilled when she offered us a peak into her latest super-secret
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Summertime knitting is calling

Something special happens when the mercury hits about 70 degrees (Fahrenheit). Not too hot, not too cold, we break out all those open toed shoes and maybe (after loads of sunscreen) bare our shoulders. And when that happens there is nothing quite like bringing your knitting into the great outdoors with you. That’s probably why Knitscene’s summer issue has an entire section called Special Summer Handbags. And wouldn’t you know it? There are some JP beauties in there. Big thanks
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