What’s in your bag?

What is it about peaking inside someone else’s purse? It’s kinda like peaking in someone’s home: you want to see how they use their space, whether for inspiration, to ooo and ahhh or just to satisfy your curiosity. Jordana did a post awhile ago about what was in her purse, and we thought we’d show a few more. We started with Donna Druchnas and her L.J. Kaelms. We were thrilled when she offered us a peak into her latest super-secret design project.  Here’s my bag. What’s in it? The inspiration and ideas for my a new pattern line I will be publishing next year. I can’t say much more now, but you can see in the photo that travel is

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Meet the artist behind the L.J. Kaelms art: Tali

I’m a firm believer that everyone has a creative bone in their body. One of the coolest things about working for Jordana Paige is that her products are all about encouraging the creativity of crafty people. But what’s really neat is all the art that’s sort of behind the scenes here. When we send out greeting cards or thank-you cards, they feature original art from different artists. Her straight needle box also has original art on it. And her latest bag, the L.J. Kaelms, is featured in a lovely piece of artwork  by Tali, who took some time to talk about her inspiration,  her craft and a few other fun things. JP: How did you meet with Jordana? T: Beyond being a marketplace

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