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Go Knitters Go!

Aren’t knitting and the Olympics just a perfect pair? Last night I watched the figure skating while finishing the collar on my vest. I’m going to have to rip it out because I don’t like it, but there will be Olympic coverage all day, so the thought of re-knitting it isn’t so bad. Some of you cast on a JP pattern at opening ceremonies. ShelbyD, SmilingSheep, MunchkinMama, snowqueen73 and HollowOakFarm are working on Amused. CheeseSticks and gravitystorm are making Starsky.
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Winner of the Sweater Challenge…

Congratulations to Ella! Ella submitted two entries. I selected her styling of Starsky as the winning entry, but I also loved her styling of Amused so I’m sharing both with you. She did a great job of showing the versatility of the sweaters. Starsky was the first sweater she ever knit. I have to give her a huge applause for this. Starsky isn’t a “beginner” sweater, so to attempt and complete it as a first sweater is really awesome. Ella
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Day 15: Graceful Changes

Jacket: Starsky by Jordana Paige Skirt and Top: The Limited Shoes: Payless Necklace: Mexico Purse: Bella by Jordana Paige It’s been beautiful and sunny here with a slight nip in the air at 60 degrees. Santa Cruz’s autumn is a graceful transition from summer to winter. Sometimes it’s hard to select the right clothing for the day; will it be warm enough for a skirt, or a cool day needing a sweater? Both! I think that’s what’s fun about autumn
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Day 8: Nostalgia

Jacket: Starsky by Jordana Paige Jeans: Express Top: eBay Boots: Kenneth Cole Earrings: Kitty McNeil Designs Sunglasses: Street vendor in Detroit You know how music and smells have the awesome ability to trigger memories, taking you back to an event or time in your life? I’d never thought about it before, but handmade knitwear has the same ability. I’d given my sister the sample knit of Starsky, so I hadn’t worn it in many years. This morning when I put
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Knitty Gritty is re-airing: get set up here

My Knitty Gritty episode is re-airing this Friday, January 25th at 7:00am on HGTV. So if you missed it last April, set your recorder. You can read about the filming of the show here. Here’s the link the apron pattern and a link to Starsky, the pattern we discuss at the end of the show. Also on the set was Spring Fling (the purple sweater on the left side of the demo table) and the orange asymetrical tank behind the
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Little kids sometimes wanna look grown up

Winter Knitty is here. Here’s my pattern, Starsky Jr. It’s a child-size version of the original Starsky. There aren’t many knitting patterns for girls 7-13, so I wanted to make at least one pattern available. It does differ from the adult version in that the yarn is a smaller gauge, I used buttons instead of a belt and the ribbing at the bottom lines up beautifully with the banana leaf pattern.   Receive our free projects, tips, trends and articles
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