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Free Pattern: Pineapple Luggage Tag

Perk up your luggage with this jazzy little number–a pineapple luggage tag made from leather and personalized with your initials. Inside is a card for your name and contact information in case the dreaded loss-of-luggage occurs. I am so excited to share this project with you. It’s simple, takes less than an hour to make and has a clean, polished look. I’m going to be gifting these every chance I get–birthdays, tied around a bottle of wine for a hostess
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Getting crafty down South: New Orleans

June 21 marked the official beginning of summer time and that means it’s time to travel! I don’t know about you, but even though I love to travel any time of the year, there’s something special about doing it in the summer. Maybe it’s because as a grown up, you feel like you still get that little summer vacation. Or maybe it’s just because it’s nice out. Nothing screams “ROAD TRIP!” like a gorgeous sunny day. In the spirit of
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Say hi to Christine, our newest Knitter Profile

Knitting in public is something that, for most knitters, isn’t relegated to the month of June. We’ll knit at the dentist office, on the subway or really anywhere we’re standing still (or kinda still). In our latest Knitter Profile, Christine tells us about one place she knits that threw us a little, but it seems like a good idea. Read on to learn more about Christine and find out a great place to catch up on some knitting. JP: Hope
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How to Choose and Pack Yarn Projects for Airplane Travel

If you read our blog, you know that in addition to loving all things fiber and fashion, we’ve also got a bit of a thing for travel. That’s why when Kathryn Vercillo of the blog Crochet Concupiscence offered to guest blog about traveling with yarn, we couldn’t resist. She also opens up her bag for another edition of What’s In Your Bag? Read on? We think so: Knitting and crochet projects are an excellent diversion for any plane ride. The repetition of stitching is
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What’s in your bag?

What is it about peaking inside someone else’s purse? It’s kinda like peaking in someone’s home: you want to see how they use their space, whether for inspiration, to ooo and ahhh or just to satisfy your curiosity. Jordana did a post awhile ago about what was in her purse, and we thought we’d show a few more. We started with Donna Druchnas and her L.J. Kaelms. We were thrilled when she offered us a peak into her latest super-secret
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Serious traveling with L.J. Kaelms

Travel is legitimately on our minds here lately. We just awarded the winner of our Globe Trotter Pinup Challenge, Rebecca just got back from Minneapolis (with yarn and Vogue Knitting’s Crochet issue as a souvenir), and Jordana is in Europe! Lucky girl! Anne over at knitspot is also a seasoned traveler (with a penchant for taking great photos of foliage, among other things), which is why we asked her to give our L.J. Kaelms a try and see how it worked
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